“Give em’ fire and brimstone father…”

Jeoffry (all black) and Jake (black and white)

I was speaking to my mother recently and she said regarding my site, “What about parish cats.” I thought yes that seems almost like the equivalent of Dalmatians at a fire house. There have to be some cats in the city’s churchs. From what I know cats have long worked in church’s keeping them rodent free.

These guys: Jeoffry (the all black cat) and Jake (the black and white) of the Church of the Advent in Boston, MA do more than deter pests they are also catalysts. They serve Father Warren as his motivational speakers. Here’s Jeoffry getting the priest all fired up for his mass.

“Give ‘em hell father!”

Turns out this church is pretty animal friendly all around they even have two cats that work in the rectory


Skippergee above and below is Owl


Owl, this poor guy looks like he’s been to Hell and….opps (be nice Tomcat). The church’s site suggests, well, that he is blessed. It seems God was too generous, he has “spare parts,” six toes, the church explains.

Anyway as mentioned above these kitties are from Boston and like the rivalry between the Yanks and Sox lets see if we can’t find our own holy kitties…Now get to it New Yorkers. Time to kick some Mass!

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  1. furpurrson Says:
    January 17th, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    Hello, I am the Webmaster - and Official Cat Photographer - at the Church of the Advent. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, and I’m having fun exploring the rest of your site! (But may I suggest that you adjust the margins on the first two photos on this page; right now they’re vertically distorted.)

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